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OK. So every 8 (well maybe 9) out of 10 personal home pages you go to shout Me! Me! Me! Let's agree right now that we're not going to do that. OK? So if you really, really want to find out about Mike, then go to his Personal Page. OK? Cool. Or you could go to his daughter's resume page. She's a talented writer, researcher, and business librarian. Or you may want to check out his photo album.

Instead, why don't we explore some interesting topics and give you a bunch of links to sites that have something to do with them? Alright, yeah!


Macintosh Computing

Mike is a dyed in the wool Apple fanatic. He fell in love with Apples when he bought his first Apple II+ back in 1980. Later, his brothers, Dan & Tim, introduced him to the Mac, and he bought a Mac 512Ke. Since then he's fallen deeper into the quagmire of the Mac Fanatic. Here are some links to some cool MacIntosh sites.

Get some Mac stuff. I've bought stuff from all of the commercial vendors listed here and have been very pleased with their delivery and service. There's no particular order to this listing; it's just how the catalogs were stacked.

Other cool Mac sites:

Music & Stuff

Mike likes music. He plays guitar and leads a Christian praise band called Free Delivery. He owns an Takamine acoustic and a Fender Squire Strat electric. Here are some interesting sites:


Potpourri - Other Sites

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2009

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